The Mercantile

 The Mercantile 

Did you know that a Mercantile means to me…..a little of this and a little of that.  A place that you can go and gather, share stories, and overall feel comfortable in.  I grew up with a little store just down the road from me and it made a lasting impression on me.  So, when you walk into Busias XOXO Mercantile…..you will find a treasure trove of amazing local food and gift artisians with the cutest items.  They all have a story, all have amazing products, and they are able to showcase them right here in this wonderful space we have created.  So please….look a little and a lot and come back often.  I can guarantee that you will always find something new inside!


Check out all our Local Artisians:

Windmill Fiber Arts


Gift It Your Best










MAM Designs


Youngs Designs


Let’s Chalk


True Crafts and Crystals


Buttons N Wool


Scrub Life Essentials


Blessed Hair Essentials


Jen’s Nifty Creations featuring Kayla’s Plants

Ms. Trudy’s Pup Cups and Amish Cutting Boards


Expressions in Yarn


Prairie Junction Farms


Smoke Ring BBQ




EMV Designs


Love From the Midwest By Holly


The Mercantile